Review 2017

Still I found no answer why always feeling so melancholy at the end of a year, but it’s simply a matter of fact, that this is not going to get any better when reminiscing and trying to write on a recap. So 2017, let’s get control of this nostalgia and get things started. Continue reading „Review 2017“

Monthly Review November 2017

It somehow feels like I actually cannot get more than a four-liner together at the moment. It feels like spending hours and hours staring at a blank white document while actually trying really hard to write down the thoughts, that have been rushing through my head like all day long before, but whenever I try, for no explainable reason, I fail. Continue reading „Monthly Review November 2017“

Monthly Review October 2017

Havana-ohh-na-nah. Half of my heart is in Havana-ohh-na-nah. This is what you hear me singing. Me. The pale girl not looking like she’s ever seen a tiny bit of sun before, but nevertheless, of course, feeling full Cuban vibes and temper while singing along to the song on the radio with full mouth, because I’m having a cheese sandwich the same time as well. Continue reading „Monthly Review October 2017“