Monthly Review January 2018

Few things gone well in January. A lot of gone really bad though. And I’m not going to make it sound any better than this, because that’s simply the truth. That things are not okay at times. And that it is okay to be not okay. To sit down sorrowfully, switching melancholically from bed to couch and couch to bed, laughing at times, then crying again. Continue reading „Monthly Review January 2018“

Review 2017

Still I found no answer why always feeling so melancholy at the end of a year, but it’s simply a matter of fact, that this is not going to get any better when reminiscing and trying to write on a recap. So 2017, let’s get control of this nostalgia and get things started. Continue reading „Review 2017“

Monthly Review November 2017

It somehow feels like I actually cannot get more than a four-liner together at the moment. It feels like spending hours and hours staring at a blank white document while actually trying really hard to write down the thoughts, that have been rushing through my head like all day long before, but whenever I try, for no explainable reason, I fail. Continue reading „Monthly Review November 2017“

Monthly Review October 2017

Havana-ohh-na-nah. Half of my heart is in Havana-ohh-na-nah. This is what you hear me singing. Me. The pale girl not looking like she’s ever seen a tiny bit of sun before, but nevertheless, of course, feeling full Cuban vibes and temper while singing along to the song on the radio with full mouth, because I’m having a cheese sandwich the same time as well. Continue reading „Monthly Review October 2017“

Monthly Review July 2017

Granted, I’ve been a lazy bum in July, but who could’ve known what’s going to happen within such a brief span. Incredible things. Things that really were too magical to be true. And while all this was happening and the rain was pouring down the window, giving this calm sound I love to fall asleep to, who would have switched on the notebook or would have scrolled though instagram. I didn’t. As I see true happiness in a million other things. Continue reading „Monthly Review July 2017“

Monthly Review June 2017

If someone asked me about the past month, I’d definitely answer that it felt quite a bit different. Or maybe it was just me who was different, at least at times. Someway same same but different and surely a little bit of I don’t care if you don’t mind. Believe me or not, I highly enjoyed those moments I didn’t care about tomorrow, when I was just in the right place at the right time, living the moment, knowing it will be this one or no one, so I chose to keep up with this moment instead of letting it pass by, even though there’s shadow, there’s fear, there’re fixed habits you hardly ever manage to find your way out of. Continue reading „Monthly Review June 2017“

Monthly Review May 2017

I confess, I’ve been a lazy bum in May. Or maybe I was just absorbed in thought and therefore unable to string too many letters together. I sometimes believe I do not consist of seven liters of blood but seven liters of alphabet soup instead as my head is always busy thinking things over and over again. And my head sometimes does this so fast, that I’m actually not able to hold on all of these thoughts and to be comepletely honest, I sometimes like the idea of letting them pass the minute they come and taking a deep breath to calm myself down. Continue reading „Monthly Review May 2017“